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A commonsense process to help you
improve your choices and enjoy life more.

Understand what makes you tick to create a larger foundation from which to make better choices to enjoy your life more.

Discover your beliefs, values, habits and character traits.


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“His process works throughout an organization to empower people to be leaders at all levels.”

Linda Marvin

President, Lockheed Environmental Systems & Technologies

“Bob Boylan’s business is effectiveness. Whether he’s helping people become better leaders or more productive workers or happier and more balanced human beings, he consistently offers people a hands-on approach to becoming more effective at whatever they want to accomplish.”

Blanton Belk

Founder, Up With People

“Bob Boylan’s stuff works. I know because we use it all the time. Buy it, read it, and win.”

Rolf Pepple

CBS General Manager

Hi, I’m Bob Boylan

I had a 38-year career training middle and senior management of corporate America how to improve their presentation skills. My first two books – published in 1985 and 1995 – on leadership and how to present better, sold 250,000 copies combined.

After my discovery of what makes me tick, I better understood how my choices have been made based on my beliefs, values, habits and character traits. I believe you will, too, so that you can make changes in your life to make it more enjoyable.

There is no university in the world that has a major in how to enjoy life. It’s up to us, and this process, I believe, is a simple way to accomplish that.

Discover your beliefs, values, habits and character traits.

Dig deep to understand what makes you tick. Be honest with yourself.

Understand the foundation of why you have made the choices you’ve made.

Now you will know your foundational character traits that have guided the choices you’ve made.

You will have discovered what changes to make so you’ll enjoy your life more.

You have learned what beliefs, values, habits and character traits have caused good and bad choices.

Gratitude is scientifically proven to improve your mental health, relationships, and even your physical health!

Change your brain. Research proves that once you begin focusing on what’s been happening that you’re grateful for, more things will show up in your life to be grateful for.
Learn and practice it. By documenting daily what you’re grateful for in the past 24 hours, you obviously focus on what’s been happening that’s good.
Enjoy the results! As you start keeping a gratitude journal, you will begin seeing things through the lens of gratitude. New things will begin showing up in your life to be grateful for. That’s a fact!

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